PHP for Beginners

Learn to create dynamic web applications using PHP

We begin with the fundamentals, such as the declaration of variables and PHP syntax. Working with objects, arithmetic operators, conditional statements, loops, functions, and arrays are the next topics covered in the course.

Course Structure

  • Intro
  • PHP Syntax
  • PHP Variables
  • PHP Global vs. Static Keywords
  • PHP Data Types
  • PHP Objects
  • PHP Strings
  • PHP Constants
  • PHP Conditional Statements & Operators
  • PHP Loops, Arrays, Multidimensional Arrays
  • PHP Superglobal Variables
  • PHP Forms with Validation

This Course includes

  • Onlne Classes30
  • Duration60 hours
  • Lifetime AccessYes
  • LanguageEnglish
Course Fee:AED14,000.00

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